The Cre'at Club

Staggering Stories Podcast: The Drinking Game, Second Edition

As upchucking from the mind of the Ravenous Bugblatter Beast of Traal's Second Cousin

NOTE: This second edition of the Podcast Drinking Game is for podcasts 24 onwards.


For those of you who have been driven to drink by our podcast - you now have the perfect excuse to get sloshed once more.

To play this innocent little game you will need:

  • A not inconsiderable volume of your favourite alcoholic beverage.
  • A technological gadget that will play MP3 files that is able to project the sound into your head, no matter your state of mind.
  • A trough or similar receptical to safely receive your 90% proof vomit.
  • A download of one or more Staggering Stories Podcasts.
  • These instructions, preferably printed out and laminated so they're wipe clean.

Once you have gathered the above items, the game can commence. Start that podcast and be ready for the flying carrots.



  • 1 drink every time someone mentions 'John Major'.
  • 2 drinks every time Crumbly says 'The Daily Mail'.
  • 1 drink every time someone mentions the 'Vast Toffee'.
  • 2 drinks if you hear your own letter or audio feedback.
  • 1 drink every time the Real Keith mispronounces a name.
  • 2 drinks if you recognise the musical intro to The News.
  • 1 drink every time someone mentions 'Grunhilde Knobnacker'.
  • 1 drink every time there's a News item about a film remake.
  • 1 drink every time Jean puts on her 'Mills and Boon' voice.
  • 2 drinks every time anyone does the 'how does he smell' joke.
  • 2 drinks every time Adam admits to not understanding a plot point.
  • 1 drink every time Fake Keith talks about Peter Davison in a longing way.
  • 2 drinks every time Crumbly does an impersonation of William 'The Shat' Shatner.
  • 1 drink every time The Head of Pertwee is mentioned, except if mentioned in a reader email (you don't have enough booze for that!)
  • Stop drinking and seek medical advice if you can understand the Subliminal Message without deliberately decoding it.
  • Down all your drink, in one, if you crash your car whilst listening - it will be less embarrassing telling the police you were just drunk!

Follow these rules whilst listening to any Staggering Stories' Podcast and see how you feel in the morning.