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Doctor Who: I Remember...
50 Years of Doctor Who

By Keith Dunn

Its been ten years since the fortieth and Adam (master of the web site & all things podcasty) requested an update to our thoughts on what Doctor Who means to me.

Yes I could do that, rattle of about fifty words, memories of Yetis on the underground, black & white Unicorns, conventions & joy.

What's that I've already done that ten years ago and at least three podcasts. What it means to me but it means joy! Some might consider this a bit sad but some of the most happiest time of my life are at least remotely connect to,the show.

Let me explain, recently we have had a new arrival a grandson (construct 1.1 as it were) which is one of the best things to happen & wouldn't have happened if I hadn't met Karen at a Dr Who convention down in Swindon . Its also the simple pleasures taking breakfast, with Karen at a local cafe every Saturday morning(which I admit, I spend most of the time just gazing at her)

I never really got bullied at school, couldn't be bothered or find the time (never start a fight but always finish one) certainly nothing that could be linked back to Who.

I can remeber the almost physical jolt of excitement that would pass through me when I found a new target book at W.H.Smith or the later Virgin or BBC books at waterstones.

Its things like sitting in a chair in the front room some 20 years ago reading a book with the boys playing in the background, slowly realizing I can hear them playing Remembrance of the Daleks.

Its small victories of winning a friendly old argument that Who is no different from football ( scarf v Manchester united colours, not real v just a game, location & set visits v Wembley & old Trafford which always ends with " but there just actors!"

"From what I here so are the majority of football players".

"Yea, yea your probably right".

Its the suppressed excitement sitting down to watch the start of a new season (even now after all these years).

Its the discussion and friendly arguments over coffee in the kitchen that eventually evolved in to the podcast.

There are people I confide in when things go wrong or I need reassurance that I only meet through the show.

Its being there for people when the bottom of their world drops out.

Its being in Cardiff talking to a complete stranger about the Tennant coat she's wearing and nattering away for about half an hour like old friends.

I could go on but I would only end up repeating myself . My life may not be perfect but Im content with it, my thoughts & memories are only of joy.